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Classes at CON-SABOR-CUBANO, DANCE & FITNESS are fun, high-intensity and high-energy workout, and we are thrilled to have you as a participant. As with all classes, there are some rules - which everyone should pay attention to. These rules are meant to ensure that classes run smoothly and are enjoyed by all participants. If you have any questions about any of the rules below, feel free to ask one of our staff.

Participants MUST inform the studio if they are unable to come to a scheduled class.

Failure to inform studio will count as a no-show. No-shows will result in the participant being charged $5 each class missed from the reservation system (mindbody) and/or class roster. Staff can be called at 510-222-6300, 1-hour prior before attending classes to register or cancel. Reserve your spot in advance, if classes have exceeded the maximum number, you are welcome to show up and wait for a no show.

Please be on time for class.

Participants must be at the studio at least ten minutes before class starts to allow time to scan in or sign in, and change into proper attire. If you do not arrive by the class start time, your spot may be given away to a standby. If you are running 5-10 minutes late, you may call the desk to let us know to hold your spot. You must warm up 5 minutes before taking class.

Class will start PROMPTLY at the designated time.

Any participants arriving late may be denied entry into the class at the instructors’ discretion.

Participants MUST inform the staff in advance if they want to bring a friend to try out a class.

Members are allowed to bring one different friend or relative for FREE once a month. Walk-Ins may not be allowed if the class is full.

Before you participate in class you must bring your SCAN CARD to the window to check in. If you DO NOT have you’re SCAN CARD, you will get three chances to bring it, or you will need to purchase a SCAN CARD.

PICTURES: You have the right to refuse taking pictures in our studio, please make sure to sign off a picture waiver, next time you’re in. All pictures are ONLY use for promotions and special events.

Participants must wear proper attire to class.

Sneakers are REQUIRED. Participation may be denied if proper footwear is not worn. See staff for additional information on proper attire.

New Non-members MUST register 10-15 minutes before participating in classes. You MUST fill out a CONSENT FORM before doing classes. ALL payments MUST be paid upon arrival.

We do not allow water cups in the studio, while classes are in session.

Please keep your voice down, while waiting for another class, when a class is in session

When classes are in session. Please be courteous, DO NOT WALK THROUGH CLASSES. Please walk through the back of the room, when the music stop. Or you can exit from the back door. (Studio 2)

Offers will expire thirty days or unless you have a special coupon 1-3-day pass. Offer will be activated from the date of participant’s first class. Special offers are for non-members. New customers who drop in, on a Trial Offer are allowed to use ONLY one daily pass per offer. Unused classes will expire after this date and are non-refundable.

There are no children or infants allowed in the Studio while classes are in session.

Important: Do not leave your kids in the car unattended, it is unsafe and against the law.


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